Izanagi's Burden or Whisper of the Worm?  Which is better versus the final boss in Garden of Salvation?

Datto is going to find out!

  • He took both weapons in and without any buffs ran the following test. 
  • Weapons were within 3 levels of 950.

He also goes over some other points of the final fight, for instance...

Swords are terrible. You probably already knew that, but there it is...swords bad...do NOT use swords.  Got it. 

A piece of information that isn't so widely accepted is that Anarchy isn't a good choice on this boss.   As soon as you add a second tether point the boss becomes immune to Anarchy... ouch!

The following weapons were tested and though they did a decent job are not the top recommendations:

Sleeper Simulant, Thunderlord, Wavesplitter, Coldheart, Two-Tailed Fox and more... 

Datto gives out numerous tips unreleated to the two weapons he is testing.   It's a great video.  Very informative.  

Watch everything right here.   If you are only interested in which weapon to use then start at 5:50 into the video.   Enjoy!

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Last Updated: Nov 12, 2019

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