With Season of Undying ending soon, what can we expect from Season of Dawn?

Houndish has posted a speculation video looking at the possibilities for Season of Dawn.   I don't write this often, but read the comments, there is some good stuff in there. 

Some points that Houndish covers:

  • Armor 2.0 and Artifacts will evolve. 
  • Vex related content may be coming to Mercury.  
  • Will be getting another version of Rune Table or something like the Lectern?
  • Bungie has suggested that we will be receiving less new content than we previously received. 
  • Season of Undying basically gave us one armour set and one ornament, plus a few exotics and an artifact. 
  • New broad category mods are coming.
  • Mod stacking will be less limited.
  • Will we get more artifact mods and hence more customization?
  • Will we be able to mod Exotics?
  • Will elemental affinity change?
  • Will we be able reroll elemental affinity on Masterworked gear?

It's almost pure speculation, but it's a good video to watch.  Some great thoughts on how the game could be better. 

Give it a watch!



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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2019

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