Destiny 2 Spare Rations God Roll

It's a beast.  Spare Rations is a must-have weapon.  Here is the God Roll. 

Season of the Worth (Season 10) in Destiny 2 will bring with it a lot of PVP rewards.   Being ready to smack down your opponents to gain those rewards as quickly as possible is key.  With that in mind we give you the God for Spare Rations, the beastly hand cannon that every player should own. 

Barrel Options: Fluted Barrel

Magazine Options: Light Mag

Column 3: Rapid Hit

Column 4: Swashbuckler (Titans) or Rampage (6v6) or Kill Clip (Trials of Osiris)

It's that easy.   This is an absolutely incredible weapon.  With the right perks it's incredibly overpowered. 

Fallout Plays has a fantastic video explaining what works for both PC and Controller players.  Worth the watch!


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Last Updated: Mar 09, 2020

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