Destiny 2: State of PvP in 2020

Aztecross Gaming has a long, but very informative and entertaining video up explaining the state of Destiny 2 PvP in 2020.

Player experience is key and right now Destiny 2 PvP for me at least isn't fun to play.   I agree with AG that the lure of loot is why I play.  I like to not only improve my own skills but improve my gear.  Right now I can only do one of those things and as an old-guy gamer, it's becoming more challenging to improve my own skills. 

If you are a PvP player of any level, shape or size in Destiny 2 this video is worth the watch.  This is an impassioned plea for change with some solutions.   It's not a whine-fest.  It's a plea for change. 

What are your thoughts on PvP?  What changes would you like to see? 

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Last Updated: Jan 07, 2020

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