The integration of Destiny 2 into the XBox Game Pass in September was received with joy by fans of the game series. However, Bungie, the game's developer, performed an action that caused incomprehension among fans : Trials of Osiris was deactivated. This time, however, the reason was not, as in previous versions, that players were hiding outside the map or a weapon was not balanced. No. This time it was a much bigger problem. Many players used the so-called Hakke Emblem method to cheat their way into the lighthouse. Of course, developer Bungie wanted to stop this immediately and since there is no easy solution for such a widespread abuse, the programmers decided to disable the game completely.

The Hakke Win trading conspiracy

The reason why Bungie decided to take Trials of Osiris offline again for the time being was the Hakke Win Trading Conspiracy. It opened up an easy way for players to farm flawless tickets without having to spend a lot of time or effort. Also in online casino it is possible to try out some of the best casino games without spending a lot of time and with a bit of luck even win. Cheating is also not necessary for this, as thanks to a balanced RTP, the chance of winning and free spins tickets is great. This weekend, almost 70% of all flawless tickets were won this way. The unusual thing : technically, taking advantage of this opportunity wasn't even cheating.

But what is behind the action coordinated by thousands of players, which is currently the talk of the entire Internet ? Simply explained, players agreed on a certain symbol and thus revealed their intentions to other teams.

How Win Trading works

All in all, it wasn't all that complicated to break out the game system and thus get flawless runs and the corresponding rewards. The entire procedure can be broken down to a few steps. First, the players used 2 Hakke Upgrade Emblems and one normal Emplem as a team. The player on the team that didn't use the Hakke emblem was the so-called "messenger". If two teams met and revealed their intentions by using the Hakke emblem, a friend request was sent to the messenger of the other team. Afterwards, a random number was drawn using the command "/random 1-10". The team that had the higher number won. The team with the higher number then swapped characters on the main card and joined the game again. If they won, they switched back to the Burner Card.

To sum up : you can't lose with this method. If you lose, it happens on the burner card, if you win, it happens on the real card.

The Abuse is obvious

The unconventional way to get flawless tickets was noticed by the programmers because the Trials Report reported an unusually high number of flawless runs. This means that players reached the finish without even a single death. So far, so good. What was strange about this is that all of these runs only had between zero to five kills. That's extraordinarily low ! But the fact is that for now, this option is not available.

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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2021