One of the first rules of game design is that you under promise and over deliver to your playerbase. 

Season of the Undying has been a focused hype machine for it's final "assault" on the Undying Mind.   

For those of you unfamiliar with the Season of the Undying in Destiny 2 I will give you the shortest version I can come up with.

A group of robots who can control time have invaded the moon.  

Your mission for the entire season has been to stop this invasion.   As a Guardian you have a main base where you have been delivering Vex (robot) parts over the course of the season.  Those parts have been used to build a HUGE gate with the premise that you would be traveling through it to exterminate a robot called the Undying Mind who lives across thousands of timelines.  

Hundreds, thousands, dare I say millions of parts were delivered over the course of the season.  For the most part you collected them while beating back the Vex invastion on the moon, a mission launched from the console map on the moon.   Click... off you go... you fight the same mobs in the same order, doing the very same thing, over and over and over.   At the end you fight a Gate Lord (big Autobots like robot) and then do it all again. 

All of those parts we delivered we used to build that huge gate.   One would assume that you would step through the gate to take on the "final assault".

One would be assuming wrong.  

The final assault is nothing more than the same mission we have completed dozens of times already with a different boss (arguably easier) at the end. 

What is the name of all that is gaming is this nonsense?

All of this hype for next to nothing.    Expectations in the community were high.  Hype has a way of causing that to happen.  Some players thought we might get a new mission (which would be good).  Some players thought we would get a new strike (which would be even better).    What we actually received was almost nothing.   

Reactions from the community have ranged from the incredulous to the angry to the video below. 

The Undying Mind is easier to kill in every way than the original Minotaur boss.   Oddly, it still only comes in a Power Level 750 version.  Why not at least give us some bigger challenges?  Even a 920 version would have been more fun. 

The loot is the same as we were already receiving in the previous version of this silly encounter.  At least give us some Pinnacle gear, shaders, something.

My hope is that this isn't truly the final assault, but perhaps just a precursor to something better.   

There is always hope. 

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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2019

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