Destiny 2: Why After 4 Years The Game Is Still Huge

Have you read through any handy reviews of top games? Destiny 2 always seems to make the list of top games despite being four years old. Destiny 2 is a free-to-play looter shooter that combines elements of RPGs (Role Playing Games) and MMO games (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) with good old-fashioned shooter action. Despite the fact that Destiny 2 is four years old, the game is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, proving that it is far from "dead." Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks are the three classes available to players. each boasting different skill sets. Hunters are quick and nimble, with a focus on mobility, whereas Warlocks can harm enemies while healing teammates. Each class has ten subclasses from which you can choose and switch at any time, giving you a lot of options to dominate the world.

With innumerable stunning settings, outstanding visual effects, high-quality animations, and a stellar soundtrack, Destiny 2's presentation is superb. Weather effects were introduced with the release of Jupiter's ice moon, Europa, in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. According to the creators, weather effects will be used in future places as well. No other game has come close to replicating Destiny 2's gunplay in a shooter. Gamers can even agree that the gunplay experience is unmatched. 

Getting Into the Club

You will all have to thank the developer team for this one, returning players included. Getting into Destiny 2 in 2021 has never been easier. While new players may find it tough to get into the game at first due to the unique movement mechanics, Bungie made it much easier by introducing a series of "New Light" objectives that may be utilized as a tutorial in which many crucial items can be unlocked easily to make sure you are not too far behind the current meta in Destiny 2. 

The essentials of Destiny 2 are covered in these missions, including general combat, skills, treasure, game modes, and characters. Overall, the New Light quests are a good way to get a feel for the game, though the fact that they focus primarily on the Hive means you won't know much about the other factions like the Fallen or Vex once you've completed them all. Thankfully, there are plenty of community resources to help you learn more about them. Never be discouraged from learning a little more about the game you are playing. Communities for games are often extremely friendly and helpful, and since they have a common interest, they are not prone to toxicity.

Why Is Destiny Still Popular?

Destiny is still riding the high of a popularity surge that began in September with the release of the 4th year anniversary season. This release increased their player base to the top 5 most populated online games in 2021. How does this title manage to hold relevance and have a cult-like following? It has to be more than their lore. 


The overall condition of Destiny 2 is excellent. However, it is not without some limitations. Every season offers new components that shake things up, and all of the PvE content currently accessible is of extremely high quality. For example, Season 14's Expunge activity was a fast-paced Vex network platforming adventure, whereas Season 15's Shattered Realm activities were leisurely and exploration-focused, with a mild puzzle-solving emphasis.

In addition, thanks to the Umbral Engram system, which allows players to spend easily obtained in-game money to target farm seasonal specific weapons and armor using the Umbral Engrams obtained during gameplay, chasing after the new gear is a lot less annoying than it used to be.

The main attraction is that the Destiny 2 experience just keeps getting better! The quality of Destiny 2's seasonal content has increased this year in comparison to previous years. Better storytelling, with a unifying tale that runs throughout the year and leads into the next expansion. They added a lot more farming goals and benefits, as well as better loot options and more activities to keep you entertained even if you aren't into the player versus player aspect of things.

For the first time, Destiny 2 gamers may play with any buddy, on any platform, thanks to Bungie's surprisingly flawless inclusion of cross-play in ‘Season of the Lost’. It significantly expands the scope of the free-to-play game, adding new life to the four-year-old title. This year, it also added several additional features to the ones that were already available to free gamers. Last season, Vault of Glass was reintroduced, providing free-to-play games with their first classic raid since a handful of them were deleted. Free-to-play players have a better shot at obtaining some of the greatest new weapons of the season in the Prophecy dungeon, which had its treasure pool replenished in preparation for the 4th year anniversary.

Also, a big factor in keeping a game alive is constantly updating the community about new developments, which ultimately gives the fanbase a reason to get excited! They have already confirmed that they will have the same level of minor content updates as in 2021. Even though Destiny 2 seems to be an excellent game right now, everything Bungie has shown us about Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and the expansions beyond leads to a much greater future. When the expansion opens on February 22, 2022, players will be able to enjoy a new campaign, a new location to explore, a new raid, a weapon crafting system, and a new glaive weapon class.

Bungie also plans to upgrade each of the light subclasses in Destiny 2 Year 5. Players will never have to wait more than three months for a new raid or dungeon. Two reimagined raids from the original Destiny are now in development, which is garnering excitement from the game’s oldest fans.

Destiny’s Destiny

Destiny 2 seems to have a bright future ahead of it. Because of the game's current popularity, Bungie has been able to extend and develop Destiny 2 in ways never seen before, and players are keen to see what is next. With new raids or dungeons every three months and fresh PvP content every year, The Witch Queen seems to be a remarkable expansion. If you haven't already, now seems to be an unforgettable time to play the game. It's without a doubt one of the greatest Xbox free-to-play shooters currently available and shows no signs of slowing down!

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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2021