OK, so this one might get me in trouble with the tech guys. We've been bringing you loads of video from EVE FanFest 2007, but this is officially the largest res video we've ever streamed. I found this beauty in a lint-filled corner of the electronic press kit from the event and I must have watched it fifteen times since. It's not the newest trailer from CCP, but if you haven't seen the "EVE Never Fades" trailer (set to Junkie XL's "Beauty Never Fades"), it's well worth the six minutes.

It's just far too perfectly put together not to go big with it. I recommend going full screen. No, seriously, click play, then click the little exploding square icon, and prepare to be amazed. This is gameplay video, and from a year or so ago at that, folks.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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