GW2 Wintersday Interview with Prince Rurik

Few could argue that when it comes to manly men in online gaming, Price Rurik of Ascalon is the manliest of them all. He’s like a medieval James Bond; suave and sophisticated, a fearless fighter for truth and justice, and of course, a total lady’s man.

Following some nasty business involving the Lich in the Ring of Fire island chain, Rurik all but disappeared, much to the dismay of his loyal fan base. That is, until now. We recently caught up with Prince Rurik who was awesome enough to answer our questions, presented here for the first time in the following exclusive Guild Wars 2 Wintersday interview.

Ten Ton Hammer: Before we get started, we wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. It’s been quite a while since anyone has seen or heard from you.

Prince Rurik of Ascalon: Well met, young warrior! It’s a glorious day to be alive, is it not? I know some might think of these as dark times with the Charr threatening us from the north, but Ascalon is the greatest nation in fair Tyria. We shall never fall before the Charr, never!

Ten Ton Hammer: It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time for Wintersday again. Are you planning on checking out any of this year’s events? For some reason you always struck me as the jumping puzzle type.

Prince Rurik: I hope one day to come face-to-face with the Charr king, or whatever they call their leader. I shall cut his black heart from his chest and carry it with me as a trophy. For Ascalon!

Ten Ton Hammer: Right. You do realize that the humans and charr have allied against the Elder Dragons? Heck, one of them is even wielding your old sword.

Prince Rurik: I knew what the charr were up to, and one thing was for certain. We could not let them sneak around behind the wall. The charr are detestable. Hardly better than dung-eating vermin. The Charr are a pox on Ascalon, and I am the cure!

Ten Ton Hammer: You’d best get to work then. In case you didn’t notice, the charr reclaimed Ascalon a long time ago. I mean, it was their homeland to begin with, so you can’t blame them for wanting to take back what humans stole from them in the first place…

Prince Rurik: It sickens me to share the same air with those foul creatures. One day, the city of Rin may fall. But not today. Victory or martyrdom!

Ten Ton Hammer: Speaking of hairy beasts, that’s quite some beard you have there. Could you share any of your beard grooming advice with our readers?

Prince Rurik: I am the cleaver, brought down upon the heads of the infidels! Fear is for the weak!

Ten Ton Hammer: One last question before we wrap things up and you can get back to… whatever it is you do these days. Guild Wars 2 has quite the rabid fan base, and is one of the most successful MMOs of recent years. Are there any final words you’d like to share with our readers who haven’t checked the game out yet, or haven’t been actively playing since launch?

Prince Rurik: I shall cut your throat and take your head as a trophy, vermin. May your guts provide sustenance for the worms!

You’ve messed with the wrong prince. I am Rurik, Crown Prince of Ascalon, and you are about to die!

We’d like to thank Prince Rurik for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with us. Don’t forget to visit our official fan site, GuildWars2Hub, for a complete rundown of guides for Wintersday 2013!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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