Massively multiplayer online games are hard to predict. Every year
thousands of websites and networks make predictions about the future of
MMOGs and try to determine whether games are going to be released
and/or be successful. The development studios, however, always try
their best to beat the odds and create a game that will be launched
and, in the end, be profitable, but often you'll see cancellations or
occurrences like Tabula Rasa. For startup companies like Red 5, that
task seems even larger, and we sat down with founder Mark Kern to find
out exactly how he's going to avoid the pitfalls of previous games.

"This is hard stuff," Mark answered. "It is really
challenging and it's
not easy to create an MMO or create a company from scratch. When you
put those two things together, it is extremely challenging. We've tried
to be very proactive in terms of maximizing our opportunity and
minimizing the inherent risks with a startup. It was really one of the
reasons we went with a publisher AND went ahead and raised venture
capital. We wanted to have a lot of resources at our disposal so we
could concentrate on making a great game."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016