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Uncle Lester may live in a van down by the river, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a gamer at heart. Always on the lookout for an unsecured Wi-Fi connection to use before being runoff, his quest for gamer glory continues!

Hello and welcome to the 16th edition of Gaming with Uncle Lester! I’m your host of today’s show, Uncle Lester. It’s amazing how being nearly blown to smithereens by a bomb can get the imagination flowing. I suppose it should have made me think about getting my life together. Maybe get a job or a home again. Nah. What I really needed was a plan and oh boy did that experience give me one. I’ve decided I’m going to be an undercover cop! Without the actual cop part. Genius!

This whole government thing got me thinking too. A while back there was this mercenary game released on consoles. I was all excited when I initially caught wind of the project. There was this dude that pitched the idea, got it approved, and was deeply involved in the creation process. Was he an artist? Nope. Game designer? Nope. Ok, how about a programmer? Nope, nope, and nope. He used to work in the CIA and has his own mercenary group.

Wow. How cool was that going to be that a real mercenary game was going to be developed? Call of Duty? More like Call of Doody! Battlefield 3? How about Rattlefield 3, ya baby? This was going to be a game by mercs for wanna be mercs! Can’t get much cool than that. At least until I found out the person doing the pitch was a guy by the name of Erik Prince. You may have heard of him, or at least his outfit. It was called Blackwater. The game was going to go by the same name. I was floored.

I’m not the most politically astute person in the world. I mean come on… who the hell is going to care what I’m doing in my van, so I don’t give a rat’s ass about the government, but… Blackwater? Even I know they gave our country a black eye by being hired for security and killing civilians. Not just once or twice by “accident” either. I can’t believe any game developer would agree to make such a game. But… well, money talks doesn’t it. Too bad it’s not talking in my empty wallet right now.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016