It seems that these days everyone in the gaming industry wants a piece of the proverbial free-to-play pie, and former God of War Designer David Jaffe is no different. In an interview with at E3 2012, Jaffe detailed his intention to design a free-to-play, browser-based third-person shooter that won't piss off or repel gamers.

Jaffe also discussed his love/hate relationship with the free-to-play model, and his desire to build a game that is not “pay to win.” Jaffe pointed to some of the things that he likes about the free-to-play model such as instant access with little barriers for entry, but he also has a few things that he’s not so fond of with the model.

"So while I love parts of free-to-play, I hate other parts. I hate how it's like the tail wagging the dog and it's the business model and all about getting people to pay [with more micro-transactions]. You can listen to developers all day long tell you it's not pay to win, but you know, it kind of is pay to win. I'm not saying they're evil or they're lying - but one of the things they like to say is pay with your time or pay with your money. Well both of those are really shi**y," Jaffe commented.

Jaffe is currently working on building his new company and putting together the right team to bring his vision for the game to life. Jaffe also discussed his various options for funding the new project, one of which may be a Kickstarter campaign given the growing popularity of the funding method.

David Jaffe is best known for his recent work on the God of War and Twisted Metal series. You can read more of the interview with Jaffe at

Source: God of War, Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe pursuing free-to-play project

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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