How to get new Destiny 2 weapon Salvation’s Grip, a grenade launcher that shoots freezing ice

Vast, sprawling sci-fi game Destiny 2 sees you trying to protect Earth’s last safe city from invading alien races and the ongoing threat of the Darkness. A huge success, noted the game’s “drastic evolution” following its late 2017 release. Playing a Guardian - effectively a resurrected soul carried in a highly intelligent robot - you'll need a mix of strategy, skill, and luck to traverse the game series' strange cosmic reaches.


Destiny 2 has had numerous expansions over the years, including its most recent 2020 expansion, Beyond Light. According to game developers Bungee, Destiny 2: Beyond Light heralds a new era for the series and is the first in a trilogy of upcoming expansions.

As well as featuring a new frozen moon destination, it also introduces a mysterious elemental power known as Stasis. Depending on your character class, you’ll use Stasis in different ways. Cosmic grenade launcher Salvation’s Grip is the first weapon in the series to wield the dark and icy might of Stasis.

This means that it not only fires cosmic ice crystals, which can freeze your enemies solid, and if you’re lucky, shatter them too, but it can also be used to destroy Entropic Shards - opening up new quest options.

So without further ado, let's follow a challenging and varied Destiny 2 questline that ends in a cosmic grenade-launcher. Do note, you’ll need to have completed the Destiny 2: Beyond Light main campaign to get this new Exotic weapon.

What can you do with Salvation’s Grip?

Salvation's Grip perks include a Cryocannon, which means its projectiles unleash freezing Stasis crystals, and Flash Freeze, which can charge up the area and density of your icy Stasis crystals for higher-damage kills. It can also create platforms, helping you get to new unseen parts of the game, or ones you missed the first time around. Quest-wise, you’ll be then tasked with shattering Entropic Shards around the map, using Salvation’s Grip. May your ice grenades be plentiful.

How do I get Salvation's Grip?

Part of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion pack, getting Salvation's Grip involves a complex quest line that acquires you one of the game's most unusual - and deadly - weapons. It'll see you slaughtering troves of Fallen enemies, completing a bounty quest, and nabbing some unusual - and definitely not legal - codes, all of which culminates in a hilarious, high octane heist to get the gun out of its deadly fortress. Best of all, in the end, you'll have acquired new ways of using the new Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis abilities.

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How to complete the Salvation’s Grip questline

Source: Bungie

Once you've completed the main Beyond Light campaign in Destiny 2, numerous options will be open to you - as well as new bounties. To start the long mission to get the mighty Salvation’s Grip, however, you’ll need to go and visit Destiny 2 character The Drifter, who sells his wares over at the Tower location. From there, the Exotic weapon quest - which sees you stealing Salvation’s Grip from insectoid aliens The Fallen - begins.

Kill Fallen Captains and Servitors for Weapons Intel

After getting ‘The Stasis Prototype’ Exotic quest from the Drifter, the first thing you’ll need to do is kill 10 Captains and 10 Servitors around the area of Europa. Each kill will reward you with precious Weapons Intel. Both enemies spawn regularly in certain places, such as on Cadmus Ridge, and also during particular events.

If you’re struggling to find them, you can also always redo some story missions or just acquire the Intel naturally as you come across the enemies while completing other missions. They’re both a fairly common type of enemy. If you're going through standard mission runs, avoid The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt quest from Variks, as it will prove handy after you’ve collected your 20 Weapon Intel.

Complete an Empire Hunt

Next, you’ll have to defeat an Eramis council member in an Empire hunt - special bounties that pit you against numerous lieutenants from Erasmus. Empire Hunts are completely new to Destiny 2, and were introduced as part of the Beyond Light expansion. You can acquire them from Variks the Loyal, one of Europa’s new vendors. Essentially a type of short quest, you’ll be hunting down notable Fallen targets throughout Europa. Each hunt features a unique enemy, and you’ll have to run through a small questline before facing off the powerful target. These bosses are high-level and very tough. You’ll need to keep your wits about you!

Kill 100 enemies with your Stasis abilities

Next, you’ll need to unleash your existing Stasis abilities on hordes of combatants, by freezing or slowing them. These are easy enough to load up. You’ll unlock a Stasis sub-class at the end of Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s main story campaign. Go forth and get kills with it. Public events can be a particularly good place to land kills en masse.

Grab the Skiff Codes

Once you’ve finally killed plenty of enemies using your Stasis abilities, you’ll get an alert to find the character Spider’s associate from the Tangled Shore, who is waiting for you in a Lost Sector named Concealed Void on Europa. When you’ve found the location, which sits on the Asterion Abyss, you’ll need to make your way to the end and eliminate the boss. When you’re done, the associate will be waiting by the end of the level. Kneel down, have a chat and he’ll give you the Skiff Codes.

Steal Stasis

Now you’ve got the codes, it’s time to head back to the Tower and have a chat with the Drifter. Unsurprisingly, he wants you to steal a top-secret weapon: Salvation Grip. It’s a tough heist, you’ll want to ensure that you’re at least Power Level 1060 to get through the final bits. When you’re ready, pop over to Europa and start up the mission. This mission will take you to Europa’s Fallen city, Riis-Reborn. You’ll infiltrate the stronghold and steal their prototype if all goes well. This particular questline is very popular with Destiny 2 fans for its wry sense of humor.

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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2020