OPI Games recently launched their latest browser-based MMOG, King and Conqueror, into open beta. The game embodies both RPG and RTS elements and is set in a medieval fantasy world with three dominate races. Players can choose from over 60 unit types, research tech, and construct cities. Click here to learn more and read the press release below for more details.

King and Conqueror Open Beta Launched

March 12th 2010 - OPI Games today announced the open beta launch of their
latest browser based strategy game called King and Conqueror. K&C features a medieval fantasy world, three dominant races, mix of RTS and RPG gameplay, such as city construction, tech research, over 60 units types, 6 distinct quest types,
open economies, item auction and an extensive hero growth system. Players can try out this new game at http://kc.hithere.com/

More King and Conqueror Features:

- Full Feature Browser Based RTS + RPG

- Multi-player, compete against thousands of people from around the world

- Huge medieval fantasy game world with thousands of rewarding quests

- Six distinct quest types, including defense, treasure hunting, race specific quests and more

- Hero system with extensive RPG elements

- Completely browser-based, no downloads required, and free to play

- Playable via Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera

- Regular major content updates

For more information, please visit the official website at: http://kc.hithere.com/

About OPI Game

Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI) Game is one of the largest and pioneering browser-game developers and operators in China. It has
developed a series of outstanding browser-based Games with its highly innovative technology and superb marketing capability. Games by OPI include: Neverland Online, Three Kingdom Warriors, Empire Craft, King and Conqueror and Age of Ocean. Webpage: http://www.imop.com/english/

About Hithere.com

Oak Pacific Interactive established Hithere.com as an interactive platform to bring its games to all over the world. It was launched on May 2009 to provide interactive community services including game forums and social networking. As of January 2010, the platform has attracted over 15million players world wide.



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