Location of the Vex Transponder Mists Nessus Arcadian Valley

Here is the location of the Vex Transponder for the Impossible Task quest in destiny 2 (Mists / Arcadian Valley)

The most annoying of the Vex Transponders to find on Nessus was the one in Mists.     There must have been six or eight guardians trying to jump into a tree at the spot located on the map... guess what?  It's not there. 

From that spot, jump on your Sparrow and go down the path directly in front of the where the spot is marked.  There are HUGE Vex walls on both sides.  You can't miss it.  If you jump down it's quite a fall.  

Then go about 3-5 seconds and on your right is an entrance in the wall (Red Glow).   Go in and just follow the path.  You can't miss the location, but in case you somehow do.  Here is a picture of what the area looks like. 

If you are still lost then check out this video.    


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Last Updated: Dec 17, 2019

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