As 2009 comes to a close and we look back at a decade of gaming that
was, in large part, shaped by MMOGs, it’s only natural to
wonder what
the next ten years will bring. In that spirit, Medawky set out this
week to dream a little dream of what the next generation of MMOGs could
incorporate to improve our collective gaming experiences. Join him this
week as he starts the ball rolling with a small list of features that
might enhance the third generation of online gaming.

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a token system or trade in system game developers have tried to broaden
the appeal of killing a mob to as many players as possible, but another
approach may make loot more meaningful and interesting. Instead of a
static loot table for each boss, developers could set up a tier system
of loot that could spread items among multiple bosses of a similar
difficultly level. For example if your game of choice has three
relatively similar dungeons, in terms of difficulty and reward levels,
then instead of having each boss with its own loot table, all bosses
could have a shared loot table. In terms of total loot distribution it
would be wise to group certain bosses together on their available loot
in order to minimize the chances of the same item dropping all the time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016