Welcome to our informal review of the Razer Game Booster. The software is supposed to do as the name says and make games run better and more efficient through tweaking your computer and providing a variety of features that help your system run better. Does it work? Well, give me a minute to explain and we’ll have the answer shortly.

I’d like to preface this informal review with the fact I’ve used the software for over six months, from beta to the latest version. I have a lot of experience with it, however, this is not an endorsement.


The most least-critical thing about the Razer Game Booster is the very first page, which is a list of all of the games it has found on your PC listed in the order of when you last played them. It’s controller friendly and essentially a replacement for Steam’s Big Screen mode.

Razer Game Booster

Except, it’s better because it lists all games, not just ones specifically associated with Steam, but at the same time just as useless. I’d rather type the name of the game into the start menu or use a desktop icon or search my steam library than use some fancy graphical interface to find a game. It does have a search function which is great, so I mean, if you want to ditch steam and run another program to search your steam library than sure, I guess, why not.

I mean, I’m not saying it’s bad, but I’m not saying it’s good - it’s useless and doesn’t boost my game’s performance at all, but it works. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’m sure, so we’ll just continue on.

Utilities and Game Boosting

The game boosting function is actually really good because it closes programs that you don’t specifically need and re-opens them after your game is done. That’s actually very useful. So the game boosting thing actually works as intended. It can go as far as turning off automatic updates while you’re playing, disabling explorer.exe, optimize ram, etc.

Does it work? Yeah, it does. Do you need it? Yeah, in a way. I mean, you can close out all of your programs before you start the thing but honestly are you going to bother when this can automatically do it for you? There isn’t a lot of reasons to say it sucks, because I haven’t had a negative effect yet other than Infinity Wars is the only game out of the bazillion games I’ve played to get upset.

The diagnostic report is good, in a way. It’s great for pasting on forums and sharing the intimate details of your computer and its processes so people can tell you that you have a virus, but most forums use a simple dxdiag. Ah well, it works.

Tweak is a bit iffy for me. It does some stuff most every tweak program does, but for an average user most of it is bleh. I don’t specifically know what it recommends by default, because I think it has already run on my computer, but I imagine if it’s done it and my computer hasn’t exploded its all good.

You can defrag just a single game. Which is crazy good, in a lot of ways, in helping load times. Because it defrags the game into all one clump. That specific folder has all of its data moved together, which in theory should really help loading times. Does it? Well, I’m not wizard, so I have no clue. It will make you feel good.

Razer Game Booster

Drivers I have an issue with, because the download page for the drivers is all wrong and doesn’t help me. It should just open windows update and not take me to some Realtek page that doesn’t even allow me to download drivers. Instead it asks for a username / password for their development software. Good job here Razer.

FPS is the same thing as Fraps where it lists the FPS in the corner so that you can tell your friends that you’re getting 120 FPS in WoW and they’re all like woah I have 400!

Screencasting will not be reviewed, because this is a game booster and not a screencasting review.


I think the program is neat, but I don’t like how my Infinity Wars doesn’t want to run while it’s running. It’s got a lot of bloat to it that just keeps growing, but it does what it says it does and as far as “tweak” program goes it actually does what it says.

In total I give this 4 Razer Nagas out of 5 and one half. Decent, workable, but not 100% needed.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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