This morning Ten Ton Hammer took the opportunity to get our first
hands-on time with upcoming style="font-style: italic;">Guild Wars 2.
While we were aware that developers ArenaNet would be allowing you to
experience gameplay as either a low level human or higher level charr
character, we were in for a pleasant surprise in terms of the
professions available in the demo. The three previously announced
professions – Warrior, Elementalist, and Ranger –
are all available, however, much to our surprise the Necromancer is
also fully playable at the event as well.

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While many of the defining mechanics of necromancers in the original style="font-style: italic;">Guild Wars
have made a return, the profession has been completely reimagined and
features some incredibly cool gameplay. For example, as you use the
different skills slotted on your bar, you’ll begin building
up a health resource which allows you to enter a wraith-like state. In
this state you gain access to a new set of potent skills, such as a
powerful AoE ability. This state only lasts as long as your health
resource holds out, but the cool thing here is that you can exit the
wraith form at any time and doing so will return you to your original
location. It’s almost like a perfect marriage of necromancers
and assassin’s Shadow Step abilities in the original style="font-style: italic;">GW,
only you get to do all sorts of damage to your enemy while in this
state before returning.

Pets are also back, and this time you’ll even have some in
the mix that are persistent rather than having the limited lifespans of
the original. The wraith state even comes complete with a temporary
(and very powerful) pet that can be summoned and used so long as the
wraith state is active. And if exploding corpses and making pet bombs
is your thing, fear not, as those will also be staples of the class.

Be sure to check back soon, as we have a full hands-on video of the
human necromancer in action live from the show floor. In it,
we’ll also have a first look at character creation, including
background selection and more dynamic events than you can shake a stick
at. The big question on everybody’s lips: does style="font-style: italic;">Guild Wars 2
live up to the hype? From what we’ve seen of the demo so far
it certainly does - so keep your eyes peeled right here at Ten Ton
Hammer for our continuing gamescom 2010 coverage, and our exclusive
hands-on with one of the hottest titles at the event!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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