Welcome, dahlings, to our first installment of your soon to be favorite feature….Queer Eye for the Superhero Guy! As always, I am Ronaldo, your humble fashion czar and arbiter of good taste in the superhero world! We’ll take a look at some hits, and lots of misses, of various costumes worn by our well-toned heroes. Naturally, you’ll have the benefit of my sharp eye (and even sharper wit!) as we peruse the following wares. Well, enough chit-chat, dahlings, let’s get on with it!

Oh…dear…Lord. It is not often, that Ronaldo is struck silent by an outfit, but this is, indeed, one of those rare moments. This nightmare looks like Barney the dinosaur and Grimace had a hideous love child that was not meant to be.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016