The depths of a developer's mind

Cryptic is giving us the chance to meet the crew behind Star Trek Online. Al "Captain Geko" Rivera is the lead designer behind the ultimate upcoming science fiction MMORPG. Your Ten Ton Hammer team has brought you the entire interview for your reading pleasure! When you are finished with this interview, take a look at the exclusive editorial by Ten Ton Hammer's guest columnist Chris "Spare" Higgins Starfleet Academy & The Klingon Defense Force or catch up on the lore with the Star Trek Online Fiction Update 2379-2380.

Q: What part of Star Trek Online are you the most excited about working on?

Space combat. I am a combat system designer at heart, and I am very excited about the system we have worked out for space combat. Space combat is nothing like typical MMO combat, nor is it a dogfighter. It is deeply tactical, strategic and 100 percent Trek. Shield facing, turn rates, weapon firing arcs, power transfers, bridge officer skills, ship configurations and damage control are all things you will need to manage.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016