Questions by Cody “Micajah” Bye, Managing Editor

Answers by Brice Lucas, Community Manager for Possibility Space

Unlike many of its console brethren, the massively multiplayer online
game comes in a huge variety of shapes, genres, and business models.
Although originally built as long, perilous roleplaying games with slow
combat systems and pay-by-month subscription rates, the MMOG market has
gradually evolved to include a variety of play styles and business

One of the newest models on the block is the free-to-play, quick
adventuring MMOG, which is what our interviewee’s company is
producing. With a game titled Warrior
, Possibility Space is busting unto the development
scene and we sat down with their community manager, Brice Lucas, to
find out more about this fast action, free-to-play MMOG. His answers
were extensive, and if you have any interest in cheap, fun games this
interview shouldn’t be missed!

Ten Ton Hammer: Although
there have been a few interviews floating around the web concerning
Warrior Epic, many people are still unfamiliar with this upcoming MMOG.
Could you give us a brief synopsis of style="font-style: italic;">Warrior Epic
? Why
should players be interested in this particular game?

Brice Lucas:
Warrior Epic is
about having fun and going on adventures with friends. In a market that
is saturated with hardcore, life-consuming MMOGs, we have set out to
bring a new type of game to players.

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style="font-style: italic;">Brice Lucas,
Community Manager for Possibility Space

The backdrop of Warrior
is a lush and colorful world, filled with vibrant
characters and monsters. Fun, light, and engaging stories will take you
to new environments spanning across a fantastic and unique universe. It
is inspired by the old school games we all loved back in the day; with
simple controls, awesome artwork, and plenty of satisfaction. Warrior
Epic is easy to get into, easy to play, and fun for just about anyone.

We have also developed a cool technology that allows anyone with an
internet connection to quickly retrieve the game, and be playing with
their friends in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, you don’t
need a fancy, liquid cooled PC to run style="font-style: italic;">Warrior Epic. 
If your machine can check email and surf the web, our game will run
just fine on it.

Warrior Epic is
like a good console game.  Pop it in and just start
playing.  In just a few mouse clicks you will be fully

We will be adding content to the game constantly.  Content
such as new quests, new playable classes, new weapons, skills, you name
it.  Players that want to make suggestions or participate in
polls found on our website after launch will be able to directly affect
the content that goes into our game. We really care about Warrior Epic
and it is of the highest priority that our players love it too.

In Warrior Epic, your role is to hire and build a team of warriors that
you then use to explore the world and battle other players. 
There are two aspects to questing in our game.  The primary
Campaign Mode allows you to advance through the story of the style="font-style: italic;"> Warrior Epic and
grants you access to different realms, unlocks, etc.  You may
also go into Adventure Mode which consists of short side-quests that
help you increase the strength of your warriors prior to embarking on a
Campaign or PvP match.

Progressing in Warrior
is different than other games. Not only do you get to
trick out your warriors with all kinds of gear and skills, you also get
to customize your base.  A unique feature in style="font-style: italic;">Warrior Epic is
your Hall.  The Hall is a base that you can upgrade and equip
just like your warriors.  When you “level”
your hall; new rooms, equipment, and special features in the game
become available.  This creates a completely different dynamic
than the level-grinding, one-man-band RPG's that currently overpopulate
the market.  As you gain prestige, your Hall will reflect your
status in the community. Not only will other players be able to view
your hall; if they are part of your party, they will also benefit from
many of your upgrades.

Rest assured, when you play our game it will stand out as one of the
best casual online gaming experiences yet.  


Ten Ton Hammer: Warrior
Epic sounds very similar to a few other MMOGs that are in the works or
have been released already – style="font-style: italic;">Dungeon Runners, Mythos
and others – what sort of gameplay features, graphic
advancements, or customization options will set style="font-style: italic;">Warrior Epic apart
from these other free-to-play, quick action games?

Brice: style="font-style: italic;">Warrior Epic
definitely sets itself apart from the rest. Aside from having sweet
graphics that will run on almost any PC, Warrior Epic also features an
entirely different way of playing MMOGs.  

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style="font-style: italic;">Warrior Epic will
be an extremely small download that's absolutely free.

You start off by inheriting a beautiful, though empty, Hall. This will
be your home and command center. From this Hall, you can recruit new
warriors, manage spirits, and build upgrade rooms to train your
fighters. Your Hall will also grow and gain experience over time,
allowing you to customize it to your liking and show it off to your
friends. After you have completed a few campaigns, your Hall will be
buzzing with activity. Warriors will fill the crowded barracks, eat in
the mess hall, and study ancient tomes in the library. Rewards and loot
will litter your trophy room. Statues of fallen warriors, whose spirits
are ready at a moment’s notice to join you in battle, will
stand proud in the Sanctuary. The walls of your hall are decorated with
paintings, sculptures, and other signs of your wealth.

Warrior Epic
truly is free to download and play.  Other games that
advertise themselves as free to play, such as the ones you mentioned,
charge for essential content effectively requiring that you pay to have
a satisfying experience.  We are not doing that.  You
will be able to download and play our game without ever dropping a
penny and still have a completely satisfying experience. 
Regarding game play, Warrior Epic is deviating from the well worn,
stereotypical online RPG mold that is everywhere you look.  

This is not a hunter/gatherer RPG that requires the user to mindlessly
travel from A to B and bring back C to NPC D.  Each Warrior
Class is highly specialized.  A skilled player will maximize
the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of their warriors. 
A party of only one type of warrior will have a tough time. 
Team play is essential if you want to complete your quests

In Warrior Epic,
you don’t just play one character, but a whole barracks full
of them! Visit the town center and recruit from over 10 different
character classes. They range from brute force Pit Fighters, to the
mysterious forest creature called the Pangolan. Every warrior has their
unique traits and skills, designed specifically for team play. Players
must plan the quests and choose the best warrior type for the tasks
ahead. By working as a team, players will experience great adventures
and stories together. Warrior Epic is designed from the ground up to be
a team oriented game.

By having many different warrior types, each with their own strengths
and weaknesses, you will have the ability to create a very versatile
and effective team.  This versatility enables us to create
some very unique class types.  If an online team or guild
really knows the ins and outs of their warriors, they will be a force
to be reckoned with, in the Campaign and in PvP.  

The goal of your warriors is to build prestige for your Hall by going
out into the wild and completing missions for your home kingdom,
Providence. Once you’ve amassed a barracks full of trained
warriors, take them into the special arena and challenge warriors from
other Halls.

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you
tell us about the classes in the game? How many classes will there be
and what sort of unique traits will each of them have?

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title="I Heart You"> src="/image/view/15448/preview"

style="font-style: italic;">Ten warrior classes
will be available to players at launch.

Brice: At
the time of launch there will be 10 warrior classes available. This
number will increase as we add new warrior classes in our regular
updates.  Each class will have its own unique skill tree and
gear, as well as its own quests.  Through class questing, you
will gain a better knowledge of your warrior's origins, as well as
their strengths and weaknesses.

An example of one warrior class is the Soul Harvester.  Soul
Harvesters are beautiful women whose external appearance does not
portray the actual age of their skin.  They are an ancient
race who have a very dark secret.  Through casting and mind
manipulation, they wreak havoc on the battlefield by turning their foes
against one another.  Since the use of heavy armor would be a
detriment to their charming abilities, they lack a strong defense and
should be used as a ranged caster.  There do exist enemies
with an innate resistance to their spells.  When such foes are
encountered, they assist the party by casting buffs and playing a
support role.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016