Over the last few years, the web has blossomed with streaming content.
No longer is the television the only way to get your laughs or your
drama, and their isn't any better example of the booming web TV market
than the success of The
. Focused on the hi-jinx of an MMO playing troupe
known as The Knights of Good, The
strives to softly parody the lives of MMO gamers,
because everyone knows someone that acts just like Codex, Vork, or

While Ten Ton Hammer was at Comic-Con '09, we ran into Sean Becker, the
director of The Guild,
and asked him a number of questions regarding his work with the online
series. Keep reading to get an in-depth look at what it's like to work
on one of the most popular web series on the Internet!

Ten Ton Hammer: How is
Season Three different from the previous seasons?

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Sean: Basically,
we venture out a lot into the "real world." In Season Two we were
starting to go out of the rooms and have the characters hang out, but
in this season we do that even more. I can't give you the really big
details, but I can tell you that we introduce an entire rival guild in
this season. They're named..."The Axis of Anarchy." The Knights of Good
are now going to have to deal with the Axis of Anarchy, as you will all
find out as the season rolls out.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016