With video gaming - specifically the massively multiplayer online
titles - quickly surpassing Hollywood’s cash flow, it seems
that the silver suits at Tinsel Town would begin paying attention to
their digital brethren. On the same line of thought, Hollywood provides
the MMO industry with a history in the entertainment medium that we
simply don’t have. With this in mind, Ten Ton
Hammer’s Cody “Micajah”
Bye sat down with four industry experts to draw together some
similarities between MMOs and films, and he attempted to use those
points to draw out some predictions for the future of our industry. Was
he successful? Read on to find out!

think that MMOs worlds are more like brands than products, though
they sit somewhere in between, Peterscheck said. “For
example, Coca
Cola has been successful for 100 years or so, whereas movies have a
life of a few years at most (with some exceptions). We haven't seen a
successful MMO be turned off yet, so it's hard to know what the actual
lifecycle is. For example, could you give WoW a massive graphics
overhaul and give it 10 more years of life? Will my kids get hooked on
it in a few years and then play for 4 more and so on. If the games are
continuously updated and they are generational, this kind of thing may
happen. Then again we may discover that MMOs have a 10-15 year life
span and that's about it.”

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016