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Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Gaming Deals Roundup, where we take a minor detour from our MMOG coverage to do all the legwork and bring you the best digital gaming deals available for cheap this weekend. If you’re looking to pad out your PC gaming collection for as little as possible then keep on reading.

Green Man Gaming

Over at Green Man Gaming this weekend there’s a combination of daily and weekend offers, so some of these you’ll need to tag today if you want them and there is some pretty good stuff on the menu. Some of the choices include 75% off of games from the Thief series with Thief: Deadly Shadows ($2.24), Thief Gold ($1.74), and Thief II: The Metal Age ($1.74). Other choices include XCom: Enemy Unknown ($13.59), Devil May Cry 4 ($11.99), DMC: Devil May Cry ($29.99), The Darkness II ($7.49), Borderlands Game of the Year Edition ($7.48), The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition ($7.99), discounts for Dishonored and its DLC, and a number of others.

You can also get up to 75% off of a number of war games and other games along with an additional 20% off of your order by entering the following code at checkout: GMG20-6WUSQ-LBC4U.

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Dishonored is one of many games on sale this weekend at multiple digital distribution outlets.


Over at GamersGate you’ll have a few bigger name titles such as Dishonored ($19.99), DiRT 2 ($14.95), and Dominion 3: The Awakening ($29.95). But you’ll mostly find several war, racing, and adventure titles ranging from $1 to $10, most on the low end.


GameFly’s Summer Sale continues this week with some pretty good games on the list that include several of the Total War series with Total War: SHOGUN 2 ($7.49), Total War: SHOGUN 2: Fall of the Samurai ($7.49), Napoleon: Total War ($3.75), Rome: Total War ($2.49), Empire: Total War ($3.75), Alien vs. Predator ($4.49), Condemned: Criminal Origins ($4.49), Alpha Protocol ($3.75), Binary Domain (8.49), Viking: Battle for Asgard ($7.49), Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter ($3.99), Serious Sam 3: BFE Digital Serious Edition ($9.99), Serious Sam 2 ($1.99), Serious Sam 3 BFE ($7.99), Serious Sam: The First Encounter ($1.99), and a game from the series that Capcom and Sega (especially Capcom) seem intent on ruining good game franchises to try and emulate, Call of Duty: World at War ($19.99).

Be sure to enter the following code at checkout for a bigger discount: GFDJUN20.

Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle deal comes with the added bonus of an included Android version. The current bundles available include Aquaria, Fractal, the Oregon Trail spoof Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, Stealth Bastard Deluxe and the Android-only Pulse. If you decide to pay more than $4.69 you’ll also get Broken Sword: Director’s Cut and Frozen Synapse as well as the soundtracks for each game. The Weekly Humble Bundle deal comes in the form of Rochard and its soundtrack, DLC, and digital art book.

As with all Humble Bundles, you can set your own price and adjust what portion goes to each charity and the developer with the handy little sliders at checkout.

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The Humble Bundle adds more DRM-free and cross-platform games this week to benefit charity.

Good Old Games

Over at GoG.com this week the Summer Sale is in full swing and there are more than 150 titles currently on sale for the next 24 hours. GoG, renowned for its DRM-free selection of current and classic gaming titles, has plenty to choose from this week from an already fairly cheap costing library, many of which come with bundle deals. While I can’t list all of them here, I will hit some of the games on the list to give you a taste, but you should browse it for yourself.

Just a few games available include Tales from Monkey Island ($5.24), Back to the Future: The Game ($3.74), Dreamfall: The Longest Journey ($7.49), System Shock 2 ($4.99), PlaneScape: Torment ($4.99), The Fair and Square Bundle, which includes Anachronox, Deus Ex GOTY Edition, Deus Ex 2: Invisible War, Thief Gold, Thief 2: The Metal Age, Thief 3: Deadly Shadows, and Daikatana for the bundled price of $12.94.

That hardly scratches the surface but there is a little something for everyone with RPGs, adventure games, RTS, turn-based strategy, and more.

Get Games

Over at Get Games this week there are a few more additions to the discount list such as Aliens: Colonial Marines now priced at $12.49, but I would just recommend you put that money towards one or more of the much better game options listed in this article and on sale this weekend, which in some cases will get you more than one game and spare you the disappointment of buying an Aliens game and realizing that you got Call of Duty: Weyland-Yutani instead.

Also available at Get Games this weekend is LEGO Lord of the Rings ($7.49), Ocean City Racing ($4.49), Bad Bots ($7.49), Aliens vs. Predator ($3.74), The Guild 2 Platinum Edition ($4.99), and more.

Additionally, you should also check back on Get Loaded this weekend for more gaming deals. The discount offer was scheduled to go live this afternoon but has been delayed until later this weekend. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a cheap gaming deal as they often offer a fair choice of games in a 2 for $10 deal.


Steam is having a bit of a Paradox blowout this weekend with a huge selection of games from Paradox Interactive with games that include Crusader II Collection for $19.99 or individually, Majesty 2 Collection ($9.99), the Showdown Effect ($4.99), King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame ($4.99) King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame ($4.99), A Game of Dwarves ($4.99), the Magika Collection priced at $17.49 or individually, and several other titles and DLC published by Paradox.

Other games available on Steam this weekend include games such as Dead Island Game of the Year Edition ($4.99) and Dead Island: Riptide ($19.99) as well as the Daily Deal, Sniper Elite for $12.49 or the Elite Franchise Pack for $13.74.

Indie Royale

Who doesn’t love the Indie devs? This weekend there’s another Indie Bundle up for grabs with The Chosen 2 Bundle. The current minimum for the bundle is $4.55 with bonuses if you choose to pay more. The current games include Really Big Sky, Eufloria, Runespell: Overture, Cthulu Saves the World, and Breath of Death VII.

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More Indie games get the bundle treatment this weekend.

GameStop Impulse

To round out our trip this week we make our final stop at GameStop Impulse, who is selling DLC by the truckload. DLC for games such as Crusader Kings II, Magika, Mirror’s Edge, Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed 3, the Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC, Need for Speed, SimCity, War of the Roses, Omerta, Rage, a Far Cry 3 Deluxe Bundle DLC ($3.74), and more.

As for full games, there’s Airline Tycoon 2: Gold Edition ($7.49), Far Cry 3 ($39.99), Assassin’s Creed III ($31.99), Might & Magic Heroes VI Gold Edition ($23.99), Babel Rising ($7.99), Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ($15.99), Dungeons Gold ($7.49), Anno 2070 ($23.99), Dead Space 3 ($33.99), and a few others. Just expect the majority of it to be DLC.

As always let us know if you find this list useful and share it with your friends.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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