Having just gotten over the WildStar community get-together at Meltdown in London (we’ll publish our brief chat with Stephan Frost tomorrow) it’s time to knuckle down and see what the community and developers have thrown our way, in no particular order, over the last 7 days.

First up and to tye in with the WildStar community event, MMOBuff.tv made an appearance at the event (crikey they have some serious equipment!) and took part in a live episode with Stephan Frost and Mark Hulmes straight from meltdown. As always there was a lot discussed in a very noisy environment. It’s well worth a watch.

Next on the list has got the be the Warplots video that made an appearance last week. If you haven’t yet seen it, it’s probably the best that Carbine have done. Although some have bemoaned the fact it’s a little thin on the details, that’s besides the point. The video is all about showing the fun side of Warplots and with Stephan Frost providing the voice-over once more, it genuinely made me laugh.

I love the website WildStar Fans but dislike Podcasts and yet having finally managed to get around to listening to their Planet Nexus Cast, I’m going to change my tune. Coming in at 30 minutes with Mike Joseph (Arawulf) acting as the anchor, he not only has a perfect voice and energy for it, but there’s something snappy about these. Considering it’s the first Podcast I’ve ever listened to in its entirety, I won’t be missing another.

Still with WildStar Fans, they’ve a good short news post on Chris Lynch leaving Carbine. The press release as to why he has left is very generic and leaves me wondering as to the real reasons for fleeing the nest. We’ll never know (until he pops up again in the future) but we all wish him well.

The housing system in WildStar is pretty flexible and to show off its strengths, Den over on the official forums has posted his (her?) creation of a Piano. Now before you think how dull that is, there is no piano in WildStar. Instead, Den took it upon himself to use 40 gold and 758 objects to make this masterpiece. Brilliant.

Over on the official WildStar Reddit, there’s an awesome topic hotting up about the Stalker and its tanking potential and difficulties when healing the class. Carbine have already addressed the fact that when a Stalker stealths it shouldn’t drop your ally target (that’ll be fixed) but I think many players still think that because a Stalker only has medium armor, it can’t possibly tank as well as a Warrior or Engineer. Dejoblue in the currently top rated post does an excellent job of putting that right.

Back over to the official forums and Cougar has made a rather brilliant post about the transparency of developer/player relationships. He links to two incidents in Eve Online that happened many moons ago and has set out reasons as to why it won’t happen in WildStar. Primarily, it’s all about being open with the player base and informing them when characters of power are given to developers. In all the years I’ve played massively multiplayer games, I’ve only ever seen good things from the developers I’ve worked alongside and have never once seen one cross the line. I think any fears the practice of developer/guild relationships being taken too far aren’t widespread. Well worth a read.

Seasonal events are a good thing in an MMOG as they often bring a big bag of fun to already cheery times (Halloween and Christmas). Caydiem (Content Designer and Zone Lead) has shed some light on how Carbine are going to approach this topic. There’s two replies in total:

I have the privilege of planning out seasonal events for WildStar. Lethality's links tell you a good bit of high concept of three of our holidays. We're definitely doing more than dailies, too (and yes, there are dailies) -- we want you to have some interesting things to do during the holidays! We're definitely keeping all of our systems in mind when making these events.

You can read the full replies here and here.

On YouTube, Dealspwn have an interview with Stephan Frost. If you can get over Matt Gardners amazing hair, there’s a good chat between the two of them here. At 25 minutes long, it’s plenty short enough to fit into your lunch break.

To end on two super cheery notes, there’s been a load of staff promotions at Carbine! Hidden Arena have pulled tweets together for all those who were successful. Oh and there’s an awesome Vine video here from @TonyRey: “Warplots, bitch!”.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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