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Cryptic has dropped some fairly cryptic hints about STO's future and, to be honest, we truly love this stuff. The mystic pull of October continues with what one French MMO site is claiming as a release date leak for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our doubts, expectations, and more news and links in today's Loading... Cryptic Being Cryptic.

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Longtime readers know that I have a habit of mixing up Star Trek Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's not that I have the concepts confused - I know my Mandalorians from my Manticore - but sometimes I come up one coffee cup short in choosing the right name for what I'm talking about. Let me muddy the waters a bit further by saying that October has assumed almost mystical significance for those aching to get their hands on the two hottest upcoming space / sci-fi MMOs.

To me, reports that Star Wars: The Old Republic will see an October 2010 launch strike me as a little absurd - you can talk targeted dates a year in advance, but no matter how credible the "source" is within EA (the night janitor, perhaps?), there's a reason that the cooler heads at EA and Bioware aren't talking dates. Namely because the people in the know don't have hard dates in mind for release over a year in advance. You have wishes, hopes, expectations, milestones, and ploys to keep publishers temporarily distracted, but you certainly don't have a hard release date this far ahead.

Sardu's October theory for Star Trek Online closed beta beginning in October sounds much more plausible to me. Maybe the bus station posters aren't hitting at a beta, exactly - perhaps just a cool new trailer or something - but we know for a fact that Cryptic is planning to begin closed beta for Star Trek Online "later this year." And October 18th is, in fact, later this year.

On the less cryptic side of Cryptic, open beta for Champions Online will begin next Monday, August 17th. That and other pre-launch details were announced yesterday. Sadly, The Hairballer, Yoyo Ma, Rotter Rooter, Treeslayer (a holdover from Vanguard), Lunchlady, and my other favored closed beta character creations will be wiped in anticipation of open beta. Sacrifices must be made, but I have all their pernicious details right here ::taps head::

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Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our Star Trek Online forums

STO Closed Beta to Begin in October?

you're anything like me, what J.J. Abrams did to revitalize the Star
Trek franchise with the recent blockbuster movie has got you
jonesing for all things Trek. And if you're anything like me, when you
saw the words words "Star Trek Online" and "beta" linked together in
the same sentence, you smiled.

Speculative thought they may be, you'll find things to make you smile in this thread. Engage!

Awesome Quotes from the Epic Thread

"Oh, I hope so. Looking forward to get my hands on STO!"

- Gotchy

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