Ten Ton Hammer's series of
archetype interviews continues this week
with a look at the Mage. A true powerhouse of spell casting power, the
Mage is the master of the elements and the conduit for the mystical
force of Entropy in the Allods
world. We are once again lucky enough to have the tandem of gPotato GM
Gregory Carter and Community Manager Katelyn Olmstead answering our
questions about this intriguing group.

Ton Hammer: Mages are typically thought of as glass cannons, delivering
a big punch but being relatively low on the survivability scale. Does
that hold form in Allods?

Carter & Olmstead: The Mages in Allods
Online have been
given a great deal of tools to protect themselves. They have various
spells to absorb and prevent damage, and they also have a wide range of
control abilities that allow them to keep the enemy from attacking.
However, Mages are not built to take damage the way some classes, and
will probably avoid getting hit.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016