Ten Ton Hammer continues its interview series with gPotato all stars -
GM Gregory Carter and Community Manager Katelyn Olmstead. Last week we
opened the series with a href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/80678" target="_blank">look
at the Warrior classes and we continue this week with a look
at the Healer archetype. Not your typical dress wearing heal-bots, the Allods
is a powerhouse wrapped up in a shiny plate mail package. Join us for
this informative look at realm of the Heretic, Inquisitor, Cleric and

Ton Hammer: At end game, are talent build variations common, or are
most healers locked into a "cookie cutter" spec in order to find a

Carter & Olmstead: As with most other
games, you can expect
there to be several ‘trends’ that will most likely be standard when it
comes to end game content. Yet due to the Healer’s range of
capabilities, they will definitely vary widely and could focus on
healing, dealing damage with offensive spells, or dealing damage with
melee abilities. With the customization that is provided, I think that
even the most popular or ‘cookie cutter’ specs will always be tweaked
to provide unique yet viable builds.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016