Black decks are all about gold gain, sieging, and quickly killing opposing Heroes to take control of a lane. Black Heroes still hit hard like Red, but tend to have less health. This does leave them vulnerable to an unlucky first hand, especially if your Hero is placed directly opposite someone like Axe. However, it's possible to snowball quickly with this and most Black decks to ensure your opponent never gets a foothold. I will forewarn that to obtain this deck, you're looking at needing around £12.00, but considering its strength against just about everything, it's worth the investment. 

  • Cost: +£15.00
  • Purpose: Primarily the deck revolves around high early game damage in order to quickly take control of lanes through your Heroes. It's value is to then use your fortifications to siege, wear down the enemies Fort, and keep picking off new Heroes as they spawn into lane.
  • Strengths: Strong early game, lane flexibility, high siege and assassination across multiple lanes. 
  • Weaknesses: Struggles against lots of Creeps, as it has no quick means of clearing them all. This can prove particularly challenging against Red and Green hybrid decks.
  • Card Variables: Generally speaking the deck is fine as is, but you can adjust x2 Creep Cards based on your hand need. Increasing your Improvements (notably Turrets) gives you a solid mid-game boost.
  • Hero Variables: Should you need, replace Bloodseeker with Lich for a safer early game, and at times, a stronger late. 
  • Items: Largely your choice, depending on your budget. Gold gain is so quick with a successful Black deck that any items are worth picking up straight away, as it helps you snowball. 
  • Deck Code and Deck Preview

  • Have a question about the Deck? Want to suggest variables or something better? Let us know!

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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018

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