Blue decks are all about control, out manourvering your opponents, wiping entire waves of creeps, or bombarding them with Spells thanks to an abundance of mana. While most people tend to hybridize Blue decks (with Green or Black), they're absolutely viable by themselves. What you'll often find however is that you need to slow a game down as a Blue deck, ensuring you make it to mid and late game. Once you do, you can quickly take control by flooding lanes with Creeps, clearing multiple lanes, and denying the enemy any means of getting back into the match. Just don't panic if you go up against a Red or Black deck that kills a couple of your early Heroes, as you can typically get back into a match fairly easy as you begin to push Creeps to lanes.

  • Cost: +£15.00
  • Purpose: In general this deck is designed to overwhelm lanes during the mid to late game. With Kanna, Venomancer and Prellex, as units begin to enter lanes it can be very difficult to bring them down, especially when they become itemised. 
  • Strengths: Strong mid game, massive lane flood, solid clear thanks to multiple methods of wiping the opposition
  • Weaknesses: Struggles against Red and Black decks early game due to Hero loss, and has poor gold gain due to its early-game inability to quickly kill Heroes. 
  • Card Variables: Generally speaking the deck is fine as is, but you can adjust x2 Creep Cards based on your hand need. Increasing your Creeps (such as Relentless Zombie) does buy you more time early game.
  • Hero Variables: Should you need a stronger late game, swap Venomancer for Zeus. 
  • Items: Largely your choice, depending on your budget. Clazureme Hourglass is a must for lock-down on opponents' cards, while Hero's Cape provides massive sustain.
  • Deck Code and Deck Preview

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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018

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