Green decks are all about sustain, whether that's through the use of cards to heal your Towers, or the use of Regeneration to bolster your Heroes and creeps. While most people tend to hybridize Green decks (commonly with Blue), they're absolutely viable by themselves. With a Green deck, you'll find that it's a playstyle that's based on attrition. You won't be scalping enemy Heroes quickly, nor will you be quickly dealing damage to Towers. However, the use of healing ensures you can worm away at your opponent to slowly take their Hero and Tower health. Just be conscious of the fact that Green decks tend to be vulnerable to anti-spell Improvements, as you'll be delivering many into play in order to increase health and/or damage.

  • Cost: +£25.00
  • Purpose: There's very little to Red decks besides taking early control of a match through brute force. This deck provides every top-tier Red Hero, alongside a set of Creeps that can hold a lane, or push hard. Unsurprisingly, if you can take early scalps with Axe and Bristleback, you can snowball incredibly quickly, allowing you to spend gold on items that make it even harder for you to be uprooted.
  • Strengths: Incredibly strong early and mid game, and even has a power spike late game thanks to Time of Triumph
  • Weaknesses: Heavy Creep decks (such as a Blue/Green) can flood lanes, mitigating a lot of your burst potential on Towers.
  • Card Variables: Generally speaking the deck is fine as is, but you can adjust the Creep volume in order to bully early game, that little bit easier.
  • Hero Variables: Sven can be swapped for Beastmaster for stronger lane control through Beastermaster's Signature card.
  • Items: Largely your choice, depending on your budget. Clazureme Hourglass is a must for lock-down on opponents' cards, while Blink Daggers offer Red Heroes the opportunity to flip lanes and burst Towers quickly if they're unblocked.
  • Deck Code and Deck Preview

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Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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