In Battlefield Hardline some weapons are just too unbalanced to be equipable in your kit, but to fun to leave out of the game altogether. Fortunately these weapons have found a home in Hardline and can be equipped using the games battle pickup system.

The “Battle Pickups” as these powerful weapons are called, can be picked up from weapons caches located around the map. Not all maps and game modes support Battle pickups, so be sure to check the details if can’t seem to find them.

When you equip on of the Battle Pickups it will come with a small amount of ammo. When that ammo is up the weapon is depleted and will be removed from your inventory. It is also important to note that pickup up a Battle Pickup will not remove any of the weapons from your kit; they will both still be there when you run out of ammo.

Battle Pickup Weapons and Gadgets

FIM–92 Stinger – A powerful anti air weapon that fires missiles that will track their target until they either hit or are destroyed by countermeasures.

RPG-7V2 – The standard issue RPG is very effective at taking out enemy vehicles, or grouped up units of infantry. The RPG has no method of tracking, and so relies on traditional methods of aim and firing.

SMAW – This weapons fires exactly the same as the RPG, and does not offer any form of tracking at all. It is the ideal tool for taking out enemy heavy armor and even aircraft if they remain stationary long enough.

M249 – The M249 is the main light machine gun of the armed forces. It boasts an extremely high rate of fire paired with high impact rounds that will shred infantry and lightly armored vehicles alike.

M240B – This light machine gun is comparable to the M249, but packs a heavier round at the expense of its accuracy. Fire the weapon in short bursts for best results, or unload on enemy light vehicles.

MG46 – The MG46 represents a balance between the M249’s fire rate and accuracy and the M240B’s stopping power. It doesn’t excel at either aspect, and instead offers an average rating in both. It’s still no slouch however, and will make quick work of infantry.

Grappling Hook – The Grappling Hook fires a heavy steel hook that will connect to whatever surface it impacts. It will then release a rope down form that point that the player can then climb up.

Defibrillator – This life saving gadget can be used to revive downed teammates. Charge the Defib longer to revive your teammate with more health. It can also be used to kill enemies if it is fully charged!

Zip line – Fire the zip line gun at a point to create a zip line wire between you and it. You can then zip down that line at a very high rate of speed. Be careful though; the line can be destroyed if an enemy shoots the line or one of its supports.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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