Vehicles have always been a large part of the Battlefield experience and that remains true with Hardline. While previous titles featured a wide array of heavy hitting tanks and fighter jets, Hardline goes a little more domestic to fit it’s cops and robbers setting. The police and the criminals will have access to SUV’s, speedboats, and other land vehicles along with two different kinds of helicopter.

None of the vehicles are particularly well armed (except the attack chopper) but instead opt for speed and maneuverability, which makes sense considering the urban spaces you’ll be travelling through. All vehicles come equipped with their starting abilities by default, but can be upgraded for increased effectiveness.

Counter Attack Truck

The perfect urban combat vehicle, the Counter Attack truck is virtually identical for the Police and Criminals. It boasts very heavy armor capable of withstanding long periods of small arms fire. For offensive action it comes equipped with a roof-mounted machine gun that can be operated from the safety of the passenger seat.

There are a large variety of upgrades available to the Counter Attack Truck both for the primary and secondary weapon slots, as well as the upgrade slot. Some examples of the upgrades available include a heavy machine gun to replace the default one, smoke screen launcher, proximity scanner, and turret auto-loader.

Mobile Command Center

Think of this vehicle as a mobile base for your team. While it doesn’t have much in the way of attack capability, it’s heavily armored and can hold up to 6 occupants. This MCC also servers as a spawn point for your team and will refill the ammunition and health of nearby friendlies.

Upgrades for the vehicle include a buff to armor, smoke screen countermeasures, and a counter surveillance system.


This 4-player vehicle is great for getting a squad into the action quickly. It can withstand most small arms fire for a moderate period of time, but it is somewhat vulnerable to rocket launchers or other kinds of explosives. Like the Counter Attack Truck the SUV has a deployable roof gun that is controlled by the player in the passenger seat.

There are a wide variety of upgrades for the SUV including: upgraded roof gun, stronger armor, smoke screen countermeasures, and proximity scanner.


The go-to water vehicle for Hardline players will most likely be the Gunboat. It’s extremely fast and agile and comes with weapons that can be controlled by the driver, along with two mounted guns in the passenger slots.

The upgrades for the Gunboats are the exact same as those of the SUV, except for one; the Gunner Air Radar which provides a radar screen highlighting the location of aircraft in a large area around the boat.

Sedan and Coupe Car

The sedan can hold up to four players and although it doesn’t offer much in the way of mounted weapons, players can fire their primary weapons out the windows. The sedan is very lightly armored but makes up for it with its speed and excellent maneuvering.

The coupe is exactly the same as the sedan, only it’s a two-passenger vehicle and is slightly faster.

Players can upgrade the sedan and coupe to have increased armor as well as a smoke screen launcher to shroud its movements.


There are two motorcycles available to players, the Street Bike and the Off-road Bike. Both leave the driver and passenger very vulnerable to all forms of weapons fire. Passengers are free to use any weapons in their kit, but the driver is restricted to driving.

As you might have guessed, the street bike is extremely fast and agile on paved roads, while the off-road bike is best used on more rugged terrain.

Attack Helicopter

These two person choppers boast the heaviest armaments in the game and will make quick work of enemy vehicles and troops alike. It’s extremely light and fast with weapon systems available to the driver as well as a remote controlled turret for the passenger. Whether you want to scout the enemy locations or pick off their vehicles, the Attack Chopper can’t be beat.

The attack chopper has a ton of upgrade options available including an upgraded turret, upgraded primary weapon, air radar, thermal optics, and a variety of countermeasures.

Transport Helicopter

The transport helicopter is the ultimate aerial troop transport vehicle. It can seat up to six passengers, two of which will have access to heavy mounted machine guns on either side of the helicopter. The downside of its large size is that it is very slow and has less than stellar handling.

Upgrades to the transport chopper are primarily defensive and include things like ECM Jammers, Smoke Screens, radar, and counter surveillance.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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