Like many of the other Battlefield titles, Hardline allows players to equip different gadgets such as grenades, first aid kits, and grappling hooks. Each time you go into battle you’ll be able to choose two gadgets to bring with so, making it incredibly important to make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job.

Gadgets can be placed into one of two groups, universal and class specific. Any class can use the universal gadgets, while class specific gadgets can only be used by their respective class.

Universal Gadgets

These gadgets can be equipped by any class:

  • Grapping Hook – Creates a climbing rope up to the location at which it was fired.
  • Gas Mask – Blocks the effects of the gas grenade and some other environmental effects.
  • Stunt Driver – Gives any vehicle you drive a nitrous boost. Has the added bonus of making your vehicles more resistant to collisions.
  • Zip Line – Connects two points with the zip line wire. You can then use the zip line to rapidly travel between the two points.
  • Gas Grenade – A gas-emitting grenade that causes blurred vision and a high susceptibility to damage.
  • M18 Smoke – Upon detonation deploys a thick cloud of smoke in the target area. Perfect for covering troop movements or obscuring snipers.
  • M67 Frag Grenade – Standard issue frag grenade. Does blast damage in a medium area around the initial detonation.
  • M84 Flashbang – Blinds and disorients any players within the blast range using a bright flash and very loud bang.
  • Molotov Cocktail – After impact, explodes spreading flames everywhere that persist for a short period of time. Any enemies caught within the flames take damage.
  • T62 CEW – Uses a high-powered shock to temporarily disable enemies.

Mechanic Gadgets

  • Satellite Phone – Places a new spawn location for you and your squad.
  • Repair Tool – A magical torch that repairs friendly vehicles and damages enemy ones.
  • Sabotage – A bomb that can be placed at strategic locations that will detonate when used by an enemy. Place on a vehicle for extremely effective results!
  • Armored Insert – Equips the Mechanic with a bulletproof vest, reducing damage taken to the torso.
  • M79 – A high explosive grenade launcher, great at taking out enemy vehicles.

Operator Gadgets

  • Survivalist – Allows you to revive yourself if you’re downed by car strikes or explosions. Deaths from bullets and other any other source will not give you the option to revive.
  • Defibrillator (Cops Only) – Can be used to revive a downed teammate. The longer you charge the defib, the more health they will come back with.
  • Revive (Criminal Only) – Just like the Defib only it’s a terrifying adrenaline needle. Charging up the ability brings the criminal back with more health.
  • First Aid Kit – Can be placed or held. Any nearby friendlies will slowly regenerate health until full, even if they are currently in combat.

Professional Gadgets

  • Camera – A place able camera that will automatically tag any enemies that come within its field of vision.
  • Laser Trip Mine – Places a laser trip mine that detonates when it’s laser line is broken by an enemy.
  • Decoy – When planted this device places false radar signatures on the enemy’s screen and makes gun-firing noises to draw their attention.
  • Stealth Training – Makes the professional super quiet. Your footsteps will not be as loud, nor will performing actions like opening doors or interacting with objectives.

Enforcer Gadgets

  • Ballistic Shield – A heavy shield capable of surviving a barrage of bullets. When the integrity of the shield reaches 0, it will be destroyed. You can also smash enemies with the shield, doing a large amount of damage.
  • Breaching Charge – C4 that can be planted almost anywhere. The charges can be detonated remotely after they are placed, making good traps and vehicles destroyers.
  • Ammo Box – Can be held or placed by the Enforcer. Any nearby allies will slowly have their ammunition restored for their weapons, gadgets and explosives.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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