Phoenix credits are used to purchase the highest quality gear and weapons in the Division, so it’s very important to find the best ways to farm them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you have to already be level 30 before you can start collecting them, but once you are you have several options to increase your stash, all of which we’ll cover here.

It should also be noted that you can only have up to 1000 Phoenix credits on you at one time. If you’re maxed out, any credits you collect will be lost, so spend them while you have them.

Dark Zone

One of the most straight forward ways of earning Phoenix credits is by taking down named enemies in the Dark Zone. They don’t give a whole lot for each kill, but it’s one of the only ways to get them solo. That being said, named enemies are the toughest opponents you’ll find in the Dark Zone, so if you plan on farming a lot of them in a single session, it would be a good idea to bring along a team.

For each named enemy you kill you will receive anywhere from 1-5 credits. The best spot to find the named enemies in the Dark Zone are in the indicated landmark areas you’ll find on your map. Watch your back though, these landmarks are hotspots for all players especially rogue agents looking to profit off of all your hard work.

Hard Daily Missions

Each day you will receive a list of daily missions that when completed will reward you with all sorts of goodies, including Phoenix credits. Completing each hard daily will give you 15 credits and while you can complete them by yourself, bringing a squad will make it a piece of cake.

The daily missions reset each day, so be sure to check back every day for a new set to complete. Daily hard missions are by far the easiest way to gather Phoenix credits, and are a great way to gear up enough to take on the challenge mode missions.

Daily Challenging Mission

Along with each daily hard missions there will also be one challenging mission each day. These are no joke, and will take a crack squad of well geared agents to complete (and even then it can take some time). If you do complete it though, it will award you not only with 45 Phoenix credits, but a whole host of other high end items and gear as well.

Challenge missions can be repeated even after you finished them once for the day, but their Phoenix point reward will be a lot less than your first completion of the day.

Now that you’ve got all these Phoenix credits you’ll need to spend them. You don’t have to go far to trade in your Phoenix credits, the base of operations has a vendor right in the front lobby. High end weapons and gear can cost anywhere between 100-300 Phoenix credits.

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Last Updated: Apr 06, 2016

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