This week, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was flooded with a sea of green... well green and whatever color body paint they chose to wear that is. The Choppa made the scene for those who were determined enough to complete the tasks set for them by the Bitter Rivals Live Event, but next week the Choppa happily chops his way into a class for everyone to play! As the great Dr. Seuss once wrote "Choppas chop, its what they do, but is the choppa right for you?". That question, plus others you might have, can be answered by taking a look at Ten Ton Hammer's Choppa Class Guide

Orcs are the most single minded creatures in the game of Warhammer, and it is this single mindedness that makes them terrifying. Orcs live to fight. When not fighting an enemy, they turn on themselves and that fact above all others has kept the Warhammer world from becoming the Greenskin world. Amongst the rank and file of the Orc, is the Choppa. With blades in hand and a fanatical desire to fight anything and everyone, the Choppas are the most destructive of the Orcs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016