Customizing your character in Halo started with being able to create your own emblem and has since graduated all the way to being able to change your armor, emblem, weapons, loadouts, powerups and now with Halo 5 weapon skins. Almost every aspect of your Spartans appearance can be changed, with dozens of different options accessible from the “Spartan Hub” in game, or through the Halo Waypoint website.

Item Rarity

There are several different rarities of items in the Halo 5 REQ system. Uncommon, Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary items can all be received from REQ packs. The higher quality REQ packs you purchase the more likely you are to receive rare and above items.

REQ packs come in Silver, Gold and Bronze. Bronze packs cost 1250 REQ Points, Silver 2500, and Gold a whopping 10,000.

REQ points are earned by playing Halo 5 Multiplayer, both the Arena and Warzone modes.

Customizing Your Spartan

You Spartan can be customized in 4 different ways. You can change the appearance of your armor, your helmet, your visor, and the color of your armor.

When you first install the game you’ll only have access to the default armor, helmet, and visor sets. Dozens more can be unlocked by opening REQ packs. These packs can be purchased with REQ points, or with real cash if you don’t want to spend the time collecting enough points.

Emblems, Assassinations, and Stances

Emblems have always been a staple of the Halo games, but Assassinations and Stances are a relatively new customization option that can add some attitude to your Spartan.

There are 18 different assassination animations to unlock via REQ packs, each of which will change the finisher move you perform when you manage to sneak up and assassinate an enemy in multiplayer.

Stances don’t have any in game effect, but they do change the way your Spartan stands in all of the customization and loading screens. If you want to have your Spartan looking mean when someone checks out your profile, make sure to set an intimidating stance.

Emblems are a little different this time around. Less customization options overall (only color can be changed), and new ones must be unlocked via REQ packs. The rarity system also applies to emblems, as some will have very low odds of being in a pack and others will be quite common.

Weapon Skins

Taking a cue from Counterstrike Source, Halo 5 introduces weapon skins to the multiplayer game. Although they don’t change the functionality of the weapons, they are another way to make your Spartan your own. All players start with the default weapon skins and have a chance of receiving more through REQ packs.

Overall Halo 5 looks to offer the most customization options for Spartans yet. From armor sets and visor colors to weapon skins and assassination animations, there’s a combination out there to suit anyone.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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