Halo 5’s Spartans not only have a wide variety of weapons at their disposal, they also have more abilities than any other generation of Spartan before them. No longer are players limited to the simple acts of jumping and bumping, now they get all sorts of fancy actions that can take out enemies with ease and avoid potentially deadly enemy fire.

Whether you’re completely new to the Halo universe or a long standing veteran, there’s something new to learn for everyone. Luckily we’ve done the research and have compiled a complete list of Spartan abilities and some tips for using them effectively.


There’s no feeling so defeating as just barely not making a jump and subsequently falling helplessly to your doom. To bring Spartans into the realm of reality, Halo 5 adds the Clamber ability.

Clamber allows you to grab onto and climb ledges that are within your reach. This opens up a lot of areas to vertical play and increases the speed of movement exponentially. Just hit the jump button when in range of an edge to activate.


A super powered melee attack that can be activated while running. Hit melee to charge into an enemy target for a (usually) instant one hit kill.

The charge also seems to have a larger area of effect than the regular melee, so use it when you can.


Sprinting is great for getting one place or another in a hurry. That being said, sprinting does have its downsides. For starters, while sprinting your shields will not recharge. This can be very dangerous to do while low on health so you’ll have to gauge whether the risk is worth the reward.

Another thing sprinting does is lower your weapon. Even when you first stop sprinting it will take a split second for you to bring your weapon back up. Pick the timing of your sprints carefully or risk getting caught unprepared.

Thruster Pack

Jetpacks aren’t just for flying, they can give you helpful little boosts here and there as well. By tapping X twice you’ll thrust yourself in whatever direction your movement stick is pointed.

Thrusting forward is great for a little burst of speed. To avoid enemy bullets, use the thruster pack to juke left and right. The fast movements make it very hard for all but the most experienced players to hit.


Another useful manoeuvre for dodging enemies and moving from cover to cover is sprint. By hitting the crouch button while sprinting you’ll start a power slide into a crouched position.

This move is great for catching enemies unawares, especially if you’ve got the shotgun. Slide in to shotgun range and let out a quick blast for an easy kill.

Ground Pound

The ground pound effectively turns your Spartan into a missile. While in mid air, hold the crouch button. After a second an aiming reticule will appear allowing you to aim at the location you wish your devastation to land on.

A brief moment after the reticule appears you’ll go rocketing into the ground, dealing heavy damage to any enemy’s unfortunate enough to be caught in it’s area of effect.

Try to aim for tightly grouped formations of enemy infantry for maximum effect. Just be ready to fight if you miss!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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