The Arcstrider is the new sub-class for the Hunter, and replaces the Blademaster. As an Arcstrider Hunter you'll be able to utilise an Arc staff, and when active, gain a polearm infused with Arc energy.

As you'll note below, the Arcstrider Hunter gains Grenades which provide greater AOE or single target pressure. In addition, their Jump can be dramatically improved to offer greater distances or a triple jump. Where the Arcstrider Hunters passive trees are concerned, they build on improving the sub-classes damage, or offering much greater sustain. 


  • Arcbolt Grenade: A grenade that chains bolts of lightning to nearby enemies.
  • Flux Grenade: An explosive grenade which deals additional damage when attached to enemies.
  • Skip Grenade: A grenade which splits on impact, creating multiple projectiles which seek enemies.

Class Ability Modifiers (Dodge)

  • Marksman's Dodge: Automatically reload your equipped weapon when Dodging.
  • Gambler's Dodge: Dodging near enemies generates Melee energy.


  • Jump a second time after leaving the ground


  • Better Control: Upgrades Double Jump for better directional control.
  • Triple Jump: Upgrades Double Jump with a third jump.
  • High Jump: Upgrades Double Jump for even greater height.


  • Super: Arc Staff:  Arcstrider Hunters gain a polearm infused with Arc energy that can be used to slice enemies while rapidly progressing around the battlefield. It has a wide area-of-effect radius.

Perk Sets: Way of the Wind

  • Battle Meditation: When critically wounded, melee and grenades recharge drastically faster.
  • Disorienting Blow: Striking an enemy with this debilitating melee attack disorients the target. Killing a target with Disorienting Blow instantly recharges it.
  • Focused Breathing: Sprinting reduces your dodge cooldown. Increased maximum sprint speed.
  • Lightning Reflexes: Take less damage while dodging when Arc Staff is active.

Perk Sets: Way of the Warrior

  • Combat Flow: Melee kills recharge your Dodge skill.
  • Deadly Reach: Dodging temporarily increases melee range.
  • Lethal Current: Arc Staff attacks hit twice after dodging.
  • Shocking Blow: Striking an enemy with this powerful melee attack emits a deadly bolt of lightning from your fist.


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Last Updated: Oct 31, 2017

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