Destiny 2: Best Order To Upgrade the EDZ Seraph Bunker

Upgrading the EDZ Seraph Bunker is a lot of work.  Here is the best order to upgrade it for maximum efficiency. 

Order to Upgrade the EDZ Seraph Bunker

  1. Cost Reduction - Tier 1:   This is simply an efficiency that will save you a lot of work in the long run. 
  2. Cost Reduction - Tier 2:   See above. 
  3. Cost Reduction - Tier 3:   This drops the costs of everything dramatically.   If you do nothing else, follow the first three steps here. 
  4. Warmind Bit Generation - Tier 1:  Extra bit every day. 
  5. Warmind Bit Generation - Tier 2: Repeatable bounties at 12 bits per completion.  The grind is real. 
  6. Warmind Bit Generation - Tier 3:  Gambit, Strikes and Crucible now give you bits. 
  7. EDZ Encrypted Warmind Bits - Tier 1:  Self explanatory
  8. EDZ Encrypted Warmind Bits - Tier 2: Sometimes chests will refund bits. 

The rest of the choices are personal preference.   Take what makes sense for you. 





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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2020

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