There's loads of weapons in Destiny 2, but some are unquestionably better than others. There's a handful that most players have agreed are must-haves when the Shadowkeep expansion launches, as most - as far as the community are concerned - look set to define the meta. The weapons you should be looking out for, and covered brilliant by KackisHD, are:

1:30 Autorifles (Breakneck/Age-Old Bond)

4:04 for Bows (Arsenic Bite)

4:53 for Handcannons (Spare Rations/Rose/Austringer)

6:45 for Pulse Rifles (Redrix's Claymore/Redrix's Broadsword/Outlast)

9:24 for Scout rifles (No Feelings/Oxygen SR3)

11:05 for Sniper Rifles (Sole Survivor)

13:04 for SMG's (The Recluse)

14:08 for Perks

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2019

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