Destiny 2 Cold Front Review and God Roll

Cold Front is the new SMG that drops as part of Destiny 2 Dawning Event. 

Let's take a look at Cold Front God Rolls and how this SMG compares to our other top tier SMGs.  If you want this SMG then you have to grind it out during the Dawning event.  It's only here for a limited time.

Two of the current Kings of the Hill when it comes to SMGs are Huckleberry and Tarabah.  Both of these have considerably better Stability than Cold Front.  

Cold Front hits for 22 Crit and 15 Body which means you need nine precision shots to take down somebody in Crucible.   Remember, this weapon unloads a lot of lead in a hurry, but still, that's a lot of precision.  Add to that the low Stability and it makes you wonder why they took such a good gun and shackled it with such a terrible Stability. 

Aztecross Gaming has a great video going over all of these thoughts in his video.  


This is an aggressive SMG with a range of about 18 meters.   That's, well, terrible. 

If you want to farm Cold Front then have at it.   Unfortunately, it doesn't compare to SMGs like Hard Truths or Antiope-D even with a God Roll.     Our choice for God Roll, should you want to spend the time, however, is for PvE since that is where we believe this gun has a chance to shine.    Rolls like:

  • Smallbore: +7 Range and +7 Handling
  • Accurized Rounds (For Range) or Flared Magwell (For Stability)
  • Feeding Frenzy is always  a good choice (Increase Reload)
  • Zen Moment is good on this weapon (Stability)
  • Rangefinder (Better Range)
  • Kill Clip is always a good choice (Increased Damage)

There isn't a lot you can do to make this a great weapon, but you can work around its deficiencies with a good roll. 

My take on this weapon is that if you are a collector then go for it.   If you aren't then you will probably never choose this over something better, so spend your time doing something that you love to do.

Aztecross Gaming has a great video with his thoughts.  Worth the watch!

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Last Updated: Dec 19, 2019

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