Destiny 2: Fastest Way To Hit Power Level 1000

Getting to 1000 Power Level in Destiny 2 is no easy feat, but it can be done rather quickly if you know the path. 

I play most PvE, that is to say, that I enjoy PvE more than I enjoy PvP.   I'm an older player and the truth is that I can't compete with the young bucks that are the best players in PvP.    I try, but it just isn't going to happen.   

I've been grinding through PvE doing my best to get my Power Level up and then noticing that people are hitting 1,000 already.   How in the heck?   So I asked a Titan and he told me he mostly plays Competitive Survival playlist.    Mic Drop.  

I did a quick search and holy Hannah in a handbasket.   How have I not clued into this before?    Competitive Survival has so many loot rewards that it can't help but be the best way to "level up".

  • Powerful drops as you rank up through the tiers of both Glory and Valor. 
    • Guardian -> Brave -> Heroic -> Fabled -> Mythic -> Legend
    • This is HUGE!
  • End of match drops that are often upgrades due to the catch-up mechanic. 
  • Weekly drops from Shaxx bounties. 
  • Powerful Prime Engram drops at match end.  
  • Normal random drops. 

The catch-up mechanic is part of what accelerates this path to a 1,000 power level, but the sheer amount of loot you can earn is the key.   

If you plan to partake in Trials of Osiris then you need the highest power level possible since power level matters.   This is how you get there. 

As a PvE player, I wish I had a path like this, but I truly appreciate that PvP players are having their time to shine and enjoy the game.  They have had times where they have probably felt almost forgotten. 



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Last Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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