nKuch has posted his take on the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation raid.  His 10-minute guide does a fantastic job of breaking this raid down to a point that even a newbie like me can understand it.  That takes some doing: well done nKuch.

Let's break this video down...

nKuch talks about the loadout that he recommends, both for weapons and what class specs and abilities to choose. 

The "tether" mechanic of the raid. will be confusing for new players. Bascially shooting an "immune" Vex box will tether you to it.  Then nearby allies become tethered to you and so on... all 6 players can be tethered. If you drag that tether out to objects in the world you can open doors, get buffed, etc. 

nKuch explains every encounter really well including how to break down your group of 6 to complete the "puzzles". Full marks for the "Bob the Builder" reference during this video.  

This guide is so well done that I feel confident after watching it (twice) that as a new player I could contribute to a Fire Team and complete this raid.   As a player coming from another game I'm incredibly impressed by the raid mechanics of D2.  That said, I'm even more impressed by the players themselves. It's a great community that I would recommend to anyone. 

Have you completed the raid?  Would you add anything to the break down for new or veteran players?




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Last Updated: Oct 08, 2019

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