Destiny 2: How to Complete the Bastion Quest

Run through corridors or talk to Saint-14.   Pick your pleasure or your poison. 

Thanks to the hundreds and possibly thousands of Destiny 2 players who helped figure out the puzzle we can now start the Mememto quest that rewards you with Bastion by simply talking to Saint-14.

Visit the Tower

Head to the Hangar area of the Tower and talk to our newest, old friend, Saint-14.  He will start you on your quest. 

Kill five Fallen Captains or Servitors on the Tangled Shore

Head to the Tangled Shore and roam around Thieves Landing. The Captains and Servitor(s) spawn quickly here and the area is pretty small, so you should be done in no time. When you have killed the required five bad guys go to visit The Spider. 

Kill Aksinikis, Bound by Honor, in The Empty Tank lost sector 

You are already in Thieves Landing, so just head to the closest Lost Sector to Spider on your map.  Work your way through the Lost Sector and you will complete this quest.  Return to Spider for further instructions. The next quest is a 3-parter, but this is the order to complete it in the most efficient manner

Complete 8 Public Events on Tangled Shore

Pump these up to Heroic and you only have to do them four times.   Do Heroic, seriously... Heroic.   Explain to any new players how to make them Heroic if you have to, but do them on Heroic. 

Complete 10 of Spider's Bounties

Just as easy as it sounds.   Fortunately, the "Wanted" bounties count, so you can add those to speed up the process. 

Kill 30 Challenging Enemies

This part of the quest should take care of itself if you completed the first two 

Find Trapper's Cave Grave

Head to Four-Horn Gulch and enter the Lost Sector.   As you start the sector you will see a blue mist by a waterfall.  Inspect it.  This step is complete.  Easy. 

Complete Special Hollowed Lair Strike

Next, you want to run the special Hollowed Lair Strike available from the Tangled Shore Map.   Run through the strike and kill Defiled Reysk, The Waning Light in the boss room.  That's it!  Head back to Saint-14 to acquire your Bastion.  

Is Bastion Worth the Time Put In To Get It?

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Last Updated: Jan 21, 2020

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