Destiny 2: How to Farm Essence of Dawning Fast

Guide for Farming Essence of Dawning, in order to make cookies in the Dawning 2019 Event for Destiny 2.

A looter shooter game with baking.  Well, here we are.  

Dawning 2019 in Destiny 2 is a baking competition.   Every single recipe requires Essence of Dawn which means you need A LOT of it.  Here are the best ways to farm EoD so you can bake, yes bake. 

Farm the Strike Playlist (Grouped)

  • 16+ Essence of Dawn per completion.
  • It can be completed in 5-10 minutes. 
  • This is the best method if you are in a good group. 
  • Skip as much of the trash as you can.

You can also farm this as a solo player, but you won't be able to complete the strikes as quickly or skip the trash.   Find some good friends and knock out those strikes in a hurry.  

The Crucible (Solo)

  • Play Scorched
  • 11+ Essence of Dawn per match.
  • The game is over in 5-8 minutes.

Scorched is the key here.   It's fast and furious. Let the Essence of Dawn rain down. 

AFK Farming Forges

  • 1 Essence of Dawn per minute
  • Not recommended. 

You can do this with friends, but please don't ruin it for others. 


Pretty much any activity will drop Essence of Dawn, so you aren't forced to play anything in particular, but the options above will give the quickest amount of Essence of Dawn in the shortest time.  

Every Destiny 2 Dawning Recipe is listed here.

KackisHD covers all of this and more in video format if you are so inclined. 

Do you have an even better method of farming Essence of Dawn?  Share it!

Every Destiny 2 Dawning Recipe is listed here


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Last Updated: Dec 24, 2019

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