If you're new to Destiny 2, you've probably visited the Store (M from Orbit) and seen a variety of awesome looking cosmetic items that you want. You're not the only one, and while some can be purchased with Silver (that's the real-world currency you buy with your hard earned cash), the vast majority requires you to complete Bounties from The Tower. 

How To Start Earn Bright Dust In Destiny 2

Typically, the Bounties are handed out by the main cast of Destiny 2: Zavala, The Drifter, Lord Shaxx and Ikora. 

You can take on all available Bounties which provide Bright Dust, and work towards completing them, based on whatever their requirements are (some require Strikes, some Void damage, others a specific attack such as melee finisher). Overall, none of them are particularly time consuming and you can, should you so wish, stick purely to PvE and avoid PvP entirely.

How To Quickly Farm Bright Dust

After the reset (Daily and Weekly) head straight to the Tower and speak to Zavala and Ikora. If you want PvP, chat to The Drifter and Lord Shaxx as well. Accept all their Bright Dust Dailies which, ideally, synergize together. In the image above, I actually had 3 Bright Dust Quests that required strikes, and 3 which required weapon kills. Gathering Bright Dust Bounties in this way, and hitting them all at once is undoubtedly the quickest method.

I'd also recommend you pair up with two other friends who need to do theirs, so you can zip through Strikes or farm Events. Most Bounties involve killing specific enemies (large groups) and, in most instances, a Strike run or two (or Event) pushes them to completion. 

What Can I Spend Bright Dust On In Destiny 2?

Due to Shadowkeep, your ability to spend Bright Dust is much more limited than previously, as the selection of items in the Store that you can spend Bright Dust on isn't vast. Fundamentally, Bright Dust can be spent on a selection of cosmetic items that - typically - look awesome. These can range from Weapon and Armor Ornaments, to Ships and Dyes. Costs are fairly forgiving, with brilliant ships coming in at around 2,000 Bright Dust (or there abouts). My recommendation is to save your Bright Dust until something pops up on the shop that you absolutely love. 



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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2019

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