Destiny 2: One Tap Titan Build

Slayhew has put together a build that he calls "One Tap Titan".  Here is the build and how to play it!

For this build you run Sunbreaker, middle-tree, Code of the Devastator.  You will run Fusion Grenade.  That is the grenade choice that is farthest right.  You will run Towering Barricade, the top shield choice.

One item that is required is Heart of Inmost Light, a chest piece with the Overflowing Light Perk. 

"Using an ability (grenade, melee or barricade) empowers the other two abilities. Empowered means abilities have faster regen, melee and grenades do more damage and barricades have more hit points."

In a nutshell, every time you activate an ability the other two abilities get much better. 

Add to this the mod Solar Plexus from the Season of Dawn artifact and your hammers can hit for 189 which in many cases will one-tap another Guardian.   This is a very simple build that does incredibly well in PvP and is fun to play in PvE.  

Watch Slayhew's video for even more information about this build.  

Give the One Tap Titan build a try and let me know what you think or what you would change. 

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Last Updated: Dec 30, 2019

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