Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy is here and with it came Seraph Bunkers.    These machinations of the Warmind Rasputin are the new "event" hubs for this season.

How to get chipsets, frames, Warmind bits and rank upgrades   

This is the core PvE content for the new season.   Trials of Osiris will be the core PvP content.  

First things first, visit Svala in the tower and follow through the questline.  It is completely self-explanatory.    Just follow along and you will get some interesting story along with some relatively normal gameplay.  This storyline will gift you the new Artifact. 

Bunkers are very similar to Obelisks.    You upgrade them, get loot from them, etc.   Currently, only the Seraph Bunker in the EDZ is available.  Upgrading bunkers gives bonuses to the bunker defenses or to the loot you can acquire from them.  

The grind is that you need to complete bounties to gain chipsets to upgrade the bunker and so on.    It's a loop of grinding, but shouldn't be too challenging. 

There is also a Seraph Public Event where you can loot two chests.  The second chest only appears if you successfully charge the main tower.    Protect the tower plates!

 Houndish has a great video posted showing pieces of the event and explaining it in detail. 

It's hard to tell if this is fun or simply another grind, but for now, at least... we carry on!  


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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2020

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