I've not been able to play Destiny 2 as much as I'd like in recent weeks, so I'm falling a little bit behind on my Season Pass. With that in mind, and if you're like me and wanting to ensure you get all the bonuses, without playing every day, here's the best means of doing it. This method, thanks largely to Dawnstor (friend) and KhakisHD, works our fairly well, though you'll need a good few hours to gain the full amount. 

In principal, and it's not complex, it involves the following: 

1. Accepting Universal Bounties from the Gunsmith.

2. Grab all the Vex Offensive Weekly/Daily Bounties, including any additional bounties that you'd like. 

3. Head to the Moon and grab all the Daily Bounties from Eris Morn - you do this because most of the Moon dailies involve Vex, 

4. Play for the Bounties. That means swapping out weapons, and constantly tracking progress. Ideally, have one of each weapon in your kit at all times.

5. Use the Shared Teammate buff, by joining up with a friend before you turn in completed Bounties.

6. Head to Zavala and pickup all his Vanguard Strike Bounties (weekly + dailies). 

7. Try to marry in your Strike choices also based on Bounties. Need to kill Hive? Choose a Hive Strike.

8. Move on to Planetary Bounties. Each Planet every day has fresh Bounties (usually 3). Complete all these across every Planet (except Mercury). 

9. At this point, you can either swap characters (and repeat the process) or simply head to Gambit and Crucibal.

Enjoy the massive experience gain and be sure to only hand Bounties in when in a Fireteam. 

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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2019

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